[My] Life in Wisconsin

They Were MORE than Amazing. My MAYDAY!

Good Morning All;
Thoughts from a blogging universe that has been neglected by me for ever so long. My most sincere apologies to those of you loyal friends and followers I once had on here.
Hope all is well with each of you; and that somehow you do make it back to my posts.

It has taken me some while to write this- On Sunday I typed a paragraph or three on Facebook, and my hands of a sudden, became very painful; cramping up bigtime... I gave up trying to type.  Ideally I could stomp my foot, cuss, and move on. (But the stomp action would probably break something else)! 
Even now, after these past 3 days adjusting my potassium intake, they still hurt- thankfully not as sharply as then...

OK. Here goes nuttin'...

Kathy's note was quickly followed by a reply from Sue W.:
"We all turned out to be amazing women!"
Another reply from Laurie L.:

"I second Sue, absolutely amazing! " 
Adding also, "And a big thanks to everyone for their time and efforts!"


How does this possibly fit into a blog? 
Where has this come from, you ask? 
(Oh. Yes, you did).  And it does!
Read on...

I am sure that, by now, you are all aware of the trainwreck I raised.

Frickin' Freezin'

The temps are still dropping- I have my indoor/outdoor thermometer that reads 18 below zero- (Fahrenheit of course). By contrast when I woke this morning it was 13 below..
The "high" (if I can really call it that), is to be 12 below zero. With the wind-chill factor coming in between 30 and 50 below.

So, in my best Charles Emerson Winchester III voice I plead,
"Get me.. the hell.. out.. of.. here!"